2021 marks the 4th anniversary of the open world MMORPG Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love, and soon it will witness the release of Version 2.0 of the title. Developed by Xd, the new version will come with more improved updates, creating even more disruptive and adventurous experiences for Ragnarok fans.

Love: where it all begins

Developed by Xd, Version 2.0 of the open world MMORPG Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love will meet the public at the title’s 4th anniversary. With more improved updates, the latest version will bring even more disruptive and adventurous experiences to Ragnarok fans.

In 2015, Xd obtained the license of Ragnarok Online from Gravity and began to work on the remake, recreating the original game on mobile end and giving new life to the beloved series. Ragnarok Mobile carries the classic scenes and settings of the original, as well as the same chibi characters and nostalgic music, preserving the dreams and memories of RO lovers.

Love is the new key word for Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love. Many seemingly “meaningless” designs, such as two players can hold hands or go on a romantic date, fill the Ragnarok world with more love and affection, and definitely create more sweet and unforgettable moments.

At the end of 2016, RO Concert and Ragnarok Mobile Official Release was held at Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall. As familiar scenes and music from the original game rekindled their passion for the title, millions of players gathered at Prontera South Gate, unveiling Ragnarok Mobile and embarking on this new adventure of love and courage.

Courage: four years of development

The development of Ragnarok Mobile took nearly four years, presenting nine episodes in total. Launched in over 100 countries, the game won world-wide popularity. From Old Glast Heim in EP1.0 to Chinese ancient town Luoyang in EP7.0, players are able to revisit the classic scenes of the original. The word “courage” not only summarizes players’ performance in the game, but also Xd’s hard work in the past four years.

Throughout its development, Ragnarok Mobile has been following market trends, adding innovative contents to the original Ragnarok universe. For instance, the bold unified currency scheme, the Oracle Dungeon, the unique 4-time job change unique to the mobile remake, and the new species “Doram”, all these innovation has without doubt injected more vitality into the ever famous series.

Apart from improvements to the game itself, the Ragnarok Online IP in general has demonstrated greater creativity and diversity.

Two RO concert tours, themed exhibitions of Poring, and a variety of RO-related products all showcase the lasting charm of the IP. Collaboration with other IPs, such as Ultraman, Evangelion, Kumamon, etc., gives new life to RO and increase its intrinsic value. Crossover with brands from other industries, such as KFC and Pringles, expands RO’s outreach and creates new possibilities. Outside the game, the team behind Ragnarok Mobile has been making substantial progress and going beyond the boundaries, inviting more people to the RO universe for exciting adventure.

Adventure: ongoing pursuit of better gaming experience

As the mobile game market has been changing dramatically in the past four years, Ragnarok Mobile is in need of innovation and revolution. This is where the new version comes in.

Updates will include fresh contents, enhanced art style for UI, various collaboration and crossover with other IPs, as well as new servers, welcoming old school gamers and new comers to the adventure of love and courage, the promise of light and outland.

Version 2.0 will present a brand new artistic design, including new map art style, UI, and character creation interface. With 360-degree panoramic view, refined lighting effect, and 60fps frame rate, players will get a more immersive experience.

The new patch Glorious Domain will unfold Eclage, the capital of Alfheim, the kingdom of elves on Asgard, where players will go for new adventure. The brand new Holy Ground War with 12v12 mode will be launched, and as tournament and Cup competition will be held one after another, sign up to create a team and join the glorious battle now!

One of Ro’s biggest features, the job class system will be further enriched, and the much-awaited Ninja class will finally be added. The Ninja class will have diverse skills and schools to choose from, and will be able to use the unique 4-strike neatly. Meanwhile, there will be more limited job class and collaboration events for better experience.

Version 2.0 will also become the easiest version, allowing players to keep the game running at the back stage without losing zeny. With reduced routine tasks, players will be able to fully embrace the fun without the pressure.

The latest update will also see new servers, as well as new academy open to newbies. Players will be able to be promoted to third class directly, and enjoy quick catch-up within 21 days, making the Ragnarok world even more dynamic.

For the past three years, we have experienced ups and downs, and shared laughter and tears. We have remained true to our original aspiration: create a quality and fun game where players will experience the warmth of love, the spirit of courage, and the thrill of adventure.

A new journey is about to begin. Pack your bag, call your buddy, and let’s embark on this exciting adventure of love and courage, and fulfil the promise of light and outland!