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Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love Version 2.0: An Adventure of Love and Courage, A Promise of Light and Outland
2021 marks the 4th anniversary of the open world MMORPG Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love, and soon it will witness the release of Version 2.0 of the title. Developed by Xd, the new version will come with more improved updates, creating even more disruptive and adventurous experiences for Ragnarok fans.
Celebrating Three-year Anniversary of Sausage Man: the Receipe for its Success Lies in Xd’s Long-term-focused Strategy on Game Iteration
On Aug 8, 2020, Sausage Man celebrated its three-year anniversary. Ever since we started to work with Xiamen So Funny Technology Co., Ltd. (So Funny in short) on this game, we have been confronted with not only doubts from within the industry, but also opportunities and challenges never seen before. The doubts were mainly about So Funny, which was a small team based in Xiamen and never had a go at creating shooting games before. People were skeptical about whether it could pull off making a 3D shooter that stands out in the fiercely competitive battle royale market. The opportunities came from TapTap, as Sausage Man is released exclusively on this platform. TapTap allowed the development team to iterate Sausage Man in the long run, which is almost unprecedented and rarely seen in China’s game industry. Meanwhile, we also invested tons of resources to support the project.
TapTap Developer Services: For a More Enabling Industrial Ecosystem
On July 29, 2020, TapTap Workshop 2020 was held in Lujiazui. In his keynote speech on "TapTap's Plans and Prospects for 2020", Mr. Huang Yimeng, Xd’s CEO, introduced a series of major upgrades and plans for TapTap’s 2B and 2C businesses, and reiterated Xd’s dedication to fulfilling its original aspiration and improving the gaming ecosystem.
XD CEO Huang Yimeng’s Letter to Shareholders: Focus on the Company’s Long-term Value, Increase Investment in R&D, and Serve Developers Worldwide
On 28 April, 2020, XD Inc. (“XD” or the “Group”; stock code: 2400) published its Annual Report 2019, as well as the letter to shareholders from Mr. Huang Yimeng, Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer of the Group. In his letter, Mr. Huang suggested that Xindong will shift away from the conventional ROI-based business model of game development, and move towards a content-oriented model. The new model features a virtuous cycle linking the platform, developers and users: Xindong will offer the premium and exclusive content for TapTap through game development and publishing, attracting more users to the platform; TapTap will retain users and generate income with its strengths in product operation, and encourage and reward first- and third-party developers in content creation; these content creators will deliver more quality contents to TapTap, and boost the sustainable growth of TapTap in return.
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